Saturday, March 26, 2011

Birthday Ideas?

Hi Everyone! This is Kaya. :-)

While we were in Florida, a certain sister named Bree let slip that she has a birthday next weekend. She seemed embarrassed about bringing it up, and I think she wouldn't have even said anything except that she'll be sixteen and she wants to start taking drivers ed with Kirsten.

Obviously we want to do something to celebrate!

The question is, what should we do? Normally we'd have a party, but she doesn't really know anyone here yet besides us. Bree is not exactly a social butterfly, so filling the house with strangers next week seems like it would potentially be really awkward. We want her to have fun, not be uncomfortable and have to socialize with a bunch of people she's barely acquainted with. It would be nice if we could find something that would work for just our family.

So, dear readers - do you have any suggestions for an activity? There will probably still be snow on the ground and it will definitely be grey sky and cold, so an outdoor thing is probably not going to work. Otherwise we are open to ideas!

Whose days may be numbered, probably soon to be murdered by Bree for revealing her upcoming birthday to the world ;-)


  1. How about a little picnic with a few girs she knows best? Youcan have a few sweet little presents for her, and maybe some games like hopscotch that are good for just a few people. Or jump roping together. Do you know much about what she likes to do? Good luck!

  2. Kaya here. :-)

    A picnic could be fun, although we'd have to do it indoors because of the weather. We still have snow here in Northern Canada. We could have a pretend picnic in the living room, maybe.

    Bree doesn't really know any girls yet besides us (her new sisters.) She just came here, and she hasn't even gone to school yet. Monday will be her first day. Hopefully she'll make some friends quickly, though.

    I can ask our guardian about the hopscotch and jump roping but I'm pretty sure she'll say we can't do that in the house. We live in a downtown city apartment so we don't have a rec room or garage or anything. Maybe we could but I think Blakeney will say no...

    Thanks for the suggestions, and please keep the input coming! :-)


  3. A fun sleepover with popcorn and movies .. play some fun games and do each others hair crazy .. we always love doing a good sleep over and you get to know each other good playing games and talking late at night .. LOL


  4. Ooo, a slumber party would be fun! We all live in the same house, but we don't usually have sleepovers or stay up late doing those things.

    Maybe we could have an indoor picnic and then a slumber party...


  5. I second the slumber party idea. I became friends with my cousin Mac that way. You could watch Lord of the Rings and eat snacks. You could do a little dinner party before that. She's probably not much for games anymore, so something intimate and low key might be best. I'm sure Bree will love whatever you guys plan!


  6. Good ideas, Emily!

    Bree says it would be fun to play some games. (This party isn't a surprise. She doesn't like surprises very much.) We'd do other stuff too like eat and watch movies too, but we don't feel obligated to act our age. ;-)

    Lord of the Rings would be good. We all like it. We also thought of watching some Firefly because Bree has never seen it and it seems like something she'd like.

    Thanks for helping us plan our party!


  7. I third the sleepover idea. Those are always fun, especially if you happen to live amongst a wild bunch, as I do...d'accord, so maybe things do get out of hand. I don't recommend playing ding-dong-ditch or prank calling people.
    I think you guys should watch some fun movies, and if you have a Wii, maybe you guys could have some competitions? (We always play Just Dance or MarioKart.) You could also go into the bathroom, turn off all the lights, and tell horror stories. Ooh...karaoke is fun, too!
    J'epère que je pourrais vous aider!

  8. We're kind of a wild bunch. ;-)

    I think we'll be OK, though. We're not violent or destructive or anything. We may get a little rowdy but I don't think we'll end up in the hospital or jail or anything.

    We don't have a Wii, unfortunately. We'd like to get one someday.

    We did get some games to play, though. We have Trivial Pursuit, Risk, and Apples to Apples. Plus we'll get some movies and maybe watch Firefly.

    Should be fun times!

    Thanks for the help planning! :-)


    P.S. Bree says we won't prank call or bother anyone, don't worry. We have a hard enough time getting her to talk to people when she IS supposed to. ;-)