Sunday, March 13, 2011

Travel Plans and Seasons

We've made the odd mention of this, but we haven't officially announced it yet: We're going on a trip!

Early Tuesday morning we leave for Florida! Yay for beach and sunshine! It'll be a nice change from the winter. We'll be gone for about a week, and we're really looking forward to our vacation.

Now, I'm sure there's a question on all of your minds: Will Bree be going with us? We don't know. We hope so. We planned this trip a long time before we knew she was coming, and we can't really cancel it for several reasons. Unfortunately unless she makes it in tomorrow, we won't see her till we get back, and she'll have to stay with our neighbour. That would be a bummer. Tomorrow it's supposed to snow, and we're not sure how that will affect things (either Bree's trip or ours.) We really hope she makes it in time!

Yes, it's still snowing sometimes here. There could potentially be snow for a couple more months. Generally we expect it'll be gone by May 24th - Victoria Day. On Victoria Day weekend, our city pretty much clears out because almost everyone goes camping, even if it's still cold! It's sort of our local acknowledgement of spring.

Last year it snowed on May 27th, though. It felt kind of wrong to have snow after Victoria Day. The snow hasn't been terrible this year, though, so maybe we'll have an early spring. We can hope!

Either way, it'll be nice to get away from the cold and have a change of scenery.

We aren't sure if we'll have internet in Florida. If so, we'll try to keep the blog updated, though it likely won't be as frequent as we post from here. If not, there probably won't be much action here till we get back. We'll miss you, dear readers, and we'll be thinking of you while we're in the sunshine!

The Green Girls


  1. Wow, have fun in Florida! I hope the weather is nice! :)

    Did Bree get home in time? I hope she did.

  2. Reagan, she didn't. :-(

    There was a really bad storm today, and she got stuck. We'll have to wait to see her till we get back.

    She doesn't seem too bummed, so we'll just have to look forward to welcoming her when we get back.

    Honestly... I think she may be looking forward to having some time to settle into home without the chaos of all of us there. I can't blame her. So really, maybe it's better this way all around.

    Thanks for the well wishes! I'm sure we'll have fun!



  3. Have fun on your trip! I'm very jelous; I would love to go to Florida. Actually, I'd love to see more of the USA. :)

  4. Have fun! I would love to be in Florida right now. As much as I should love snow, being from Maine... I'm tired of it. It was really nice today, so I hope it stays this time. Anyway, I hope Bree enjoys her alone time and your trip is great!

  5. Hi girls,

    I can't remember if I've posted here or not yet. I'm Sophie. How cool that you are vacationing in Florida! I've been once myself - with a hostess - but unfortunately that hostess hasn't posted my travel photos yet. It's too bad; I'd love to see them.

    Have fun, and maybe take a few photos? ;)


  6. Thanks for all the good wishes for travel, guys!

    We actually had some good news, but we'll post about that in a new entry later tonight.


    Unfortunately our camera is broken, but we'll post about our adventures!

    The Green Girls