Thursday, March 3, 2011

Other Sisters

If you've read our blog at all, you've figured out that we're not all related to each other biologically. (Though some of us are; see Intro and Our Stories posts for details if you don't know but actually care.) Yes, we're sisters, but we don't all share blood.

So what you may be wondering is... do we have any siblings from our biological families who don't live with us?

Actually, yes. Some of us do. (By weird coincidence, they're girls too. Maybe it's fate.)

Evelyn has two biological sisters. One is older, Aisha. She's fourteen. She lives with Evelyn's aunt and cousins. Ev also has a younger sister, Jasmine, who is six. People usually call her Jazz as a nickname. She's still living with the foster family where she's been since she was little.

Kaya has one biological sister, Rosa, who is seven. She stays with a family on the reservation where Kaya grew up.

It's kind of hard, having siblings you don't live with. For a lot of foster kids, unfortunately that's just life. We keep in touch with them, and they're still family. (Maybe someday they can live with us... but the adults and authorities involved would have to agree, and that's always complicated.) We keep up our hopes that someday we'll all be together again. Hope is a great thing, isn't it?

The Green Girls

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