Saturday, March 5, 2011

Update: Where is our Bree?

Well, she's not here yet, but we finally heard from Bree this evening!

Apparently she's been couch surfing for awhile and didn't know we were trying to get in touch. She's cool with coming to live with us! It'll take her a few days to get here, but she has her travel confirmation and she's on her way.

We're super excited that she's coming, and we're also relieved that the delay was a miscommunication rather than some kind of disaster.

Once she's here, we'll post to introduce her to you. For now, though, we just wanted to let you know that she's safe, she's on her way, and there will be eight Green Girls soon!

All's well that ends well. :-)

The Girls

"Tell the girl
It's a wide and wondrous world
Room enough to leave a life you're hating
The highway runs both ways
And there's seats left on the train
If you take it to the station, I'll be waiting..." -Great Big Sea, "Dear Home Town"

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