Thursday, March 31, 2011

We've Been Tagged!

We've been tagged by the lovely ladies at the Bolton Girls Travel Journal! How fun!

How we think this works is that a blogger shares seven random facts about themselves, then they "tag" other people who post their own seven facts on their own blog. Since all of our sisters write for the blog, we're going to include facts about our whole family.

Seven things:

1.) We have only one bathroom and only one TV - but two computers.
2.) Kirsten and Felicity not only share a birthday, but that birthday is Christmas Day.
3.) When Bree was little - and just our cousin instead of our sister - we called her Bean for a nickname.
4.) We have different taste in television, movies, and books... but we all love Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.
5.) We live in Canada, but all of us except Evelyn were born in the United States. Ev was born in Quebec.
6.) We've probably mentioned that we quote songs a lot - but we sing a lot around the house, too! Even those of us who sing very badly.
7.) Our favourite chore is shoveling snow because we like to have snow fights! We don't clear the snow very efficiently, but we have a good time.

So now you know seven more things about the Green Girls! We would like to tag some of our friends, too. (Only if you want!)

* Taylor at LFS Kid
* Reagan at Reagan Grace Sheffield
* Cate at Another Island
* Sabine at Une Enfant du Siècle
* Emily at Everything Emily
* Keesha at Princess in Cleats
* Sarah at Sarah Anneliese

Anyone we didn't tag - we still love you just as much, don't worry! Have fun, guys!

The Green Girls

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