Friday, March 25, 2011

Interview With Bree

Hello, readers! Today we're going to interview our new sister, Bree. Each of us are going to ask her one question. (Well, that was the plan, it didn't turn out quite like that.) Once we're done, hopefully you'll know her a little better.

So, on to the interview!

Kirsten: Hello to our new sister. What's your name?

Bree: You're seriously going to waste your question on that? Bree.

Kirsten: That one doesn't count. Okay, here's a better one: Why are you named Bree?

Bree: Yeah, that one is better. I'm named Bree because my parents were in a phase of being obsessed with Lord of the Rings when my mom was pregnant. I was actually moments from being named Pippin on my birth certificate when wiser heads prevailed. Bree, as well as being a village in the fictional world of Middle Earth, is an anglicized version of the Irish name Brigh. I think my parents didn't know that at the time, but I'm actually glad. Anyone who can read can pronounce Bree. I would rather not go through life being called "brig" all the time.

Felicity: My turn now. Have you chosen your future career yet?

Bree: Um... no... actually. I'd like to make a really amazing film, or write a really amazing book. I've thought about studying psychology or becoming a librarian. Maybe I'll just do a little bit of everything.

Kaya: What are your favourite book, movie, and television show?

Bree: Wicked for book, Labyrinth for movie. The Princess Bride for both book and movie, also. Buffy, Torchwood, and Doctor Who for TV.

Kaya: Then I've finally found a TV buddy...

Molly: The Princess Bride isn't a book!

Several of the Girls: Yes it is!

Kirsten: It wouldn't kill you to crack a book from time to time, Molly. Then you might know these things.

Felicity: So, moving on...

Josefina: Which countries have you visited, and which to you want to visit?

Bree: I've only been in the United States and Canada. I'd love to travel, though. I'd like to see India. I've heard it's beautiful there, and the culture is fascinating. I'd also like to see Paris and Madrid.

Charissa: Blakeney says we need to go to Italy within the next ten years.

Bree: Why Italy, and why the ten-year timeframe?

Charissa: Because she read an article about how a lot of Italian art and architecture treasures could be lost within ten years. Like Pompeii could be totally gone!

Bree: How are we going to break it to her that we're almost two thousand years too late to save Pompeii?

Josefina: *laughs* Not the actual village itself! The archaeological site is deteriorating because it isn't being preserved.

Bree: Oh. Okay, sure, Italy. As long as Blakeney is paying, I'll go.

Molly: Next question. Would you rather freeze to death or be burned alive?

Bree: What? Do you ask everyone that, or should I be watching my back?

Felicity: She pretty much asks everyone that.

Bree: Okay, um... freeze to death, I guess. It's less dramatic, but it sounds more peaceful.

Kirsten: When we were kids, we read an article in a magazine about kids who froze to death in a blizzard in the 1800's. It was like they were going to sleep.

Bree: Huh? What kind of children's magazine would publish a story like that?

Felicity: That would be the American Girl Magazine, actually.

Bree: Wow, you people had a strange childhood...

Charissa: My turn now! What do you think will be the best part and the hardest part of being in our family?

Bree: I think the best part will be us all sticking up for each other. Well, I'll stick up for you, and then you'll feel morally obligated to stick up for me back, in theory. The hardest part... only having one bathroom, I guess?

Evelyn: Who do you like better, Superman or Batman?

Bree: Neither. I like the X-Men. They seem to have more fun. Okay, now I get to ask a question. What do you think is the most crucial thing I need to do to fit into your family?

Kirsten: You have to be able to use Simon & Garfunkel lyrics in casual conversation. How about it?

Bree: Well, I'd rather be a spider than a snail...

Kirsten: Alright, you're in! No, seriously, the most important thing is that we're all totally loyal to each other, even when we argue. Is that cool?

Bree: Absolutely!

And that concludes our interview. :-)

Look for more postings with our new sister Pippin (My name isn't Pippin! ~B) on our blog in the future!

The Eight Green Girls


  1. Loved this interview. Welcome to the family, Bree! :)


    P.S. I've heard you look a lot like me. :)

  2. That was hilarious! I'm sure you're going to fit right in with the rest of the girls, Bree. I love the story of how you were named. Pippin wouldn't have been too bad of a name, but Bree is much prettier :)


  3. Hi, this is Bree.

    Glad you girls liked my interview! I was kind of nervous people would think I was weird or lame, but I thought it was best to just be myself.

    Thanks for welcoming me to the family. That feels good to hear.

    Tess, I was looking at your photos, and we DO look a LOT alike! Like, shockingly so! My biological sister Fiona (who is moving in with us in a couple of weeks) looks very similar too. Maybe we're distant relatives or something? That would be cool!

    Emily, you're right, Pippin isn't terrible - but I think I'd get teased at school. Pippin would be a great name for a dog or cat, though!

    My middle name is Galadriel, but I actually like that because it's pretty unusual (and I like Lord of the Rings too) but I don't have to go by it all the time so I don't have to explain it constantly.


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  5. Welcome, Bree! :)
    Labyrinth, Wicked, Paris, traveling...I think you and I would get along! Seriously, you have a great taste in books and movies. Have you seen Wicked the musical yet?


  6. This is Bree:

    Thanks, Sophie! It's good to be here.

    I think we would get along, too. ;-)

    I saw the Wicked musical last year. It's the only musical I've ever been to because my parents never had much money, but a friend gave me a ticket.

    It was great! I loved it! It was so much fun in person, even better than just listening to the soundtrack. I'm not usually that sappy but I had tears in my eyes at the end, I have to admit.


  7. Hi Bree! I'm really glad you were able to make it home in time! I love traveling. I unfortunately became addicted after I studied abroad. Unfortunately, because it is so expensive ;) I'm sure I will make it back to Europe someday. I loved Paris, but I haven't been to Italy yet. I hope you all get to go!

  8. Hi Cate,

    Bree again:

    Thanks! I'm glad I made it, too. It was fun to be able to go along.

    Yeah, it IS expensive to travel. That's why I haven't done much international traveling, although I've seen a few different parts of the US and some of Canada. I hope to do more in the future, though!

    I'm sure we'll go on a trip to Europe someday. Likely not super soon, though. We have plenty of time to look forward to it.

    -Bree :-)

  9. Salut, Bree!
    It was very nice getting to know you. I'm glad you could join the Green Girls' family, :)
    I hope that you do get to go to Europe someday! I love traveling, especially around Europe. Paris is lovely, but while you're in France, you should check out Lille, too. Maybe you could even meet my family? ;)
    Bree is a very pretty name, by the way.

  10. Bree here.

    Hi, Sabine! Thanks for your comment. We'd love to visit Lille and meet your family! That would be great. Travel is so expensive, though...

    Glad you like my name. ;-)

    I've enjoyed reading your blog, by the way. I'm hoping that I can learn from your example and be more fashionable. My current "fashion" is pretty much turtleneck and/or flannel and jeans in the winter, t-shirt and jeans in the summer. I have a lot to learn!


  11. Bree!!

    Hey lovely, it's your sister-from-another-life, Evey! So I'm really late on this, but I just started a blog, and of course I had to track you down. Looks like you're loving your (now not so new) family, and I'm so happy for ya. Well, now that I found you, we have to stay in touch. I'll go tell Gracie and Tuuli. Talk to ya soon!

    Peas and love,

    P.S. Simon and Garfunkel lyrics? Aren't you glad for all the training I gave you in that? :P Told ya they'd come in handy some day.

    P.P.S. Did you know that I was almost named Breanne (Bree for short)? It fits you quite nicely :)

  12. Hey Evey! I almost didn't notice you'd replied here. It's great to see you again!

    We tend to be... um... not always the best at checking if there are comments on older posts. ;-)

    So I'm going to go to your blog and say hello there.