Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Family Meeting

Hi, this is Kirsten.

Tonight Blakeney called us into the living room for a family meeting. We talked about it beforehand, and as far as we knew there was only one possible explanation. We were in trouble.

There wasn't any specific thing we thought we were in trouble for, but we're not perfect angels, so there could definitely be something. (Like the argument me and Josefina had over the TV.) The only times we really have family meetings are when we're getting a new foster kid, when something major is changing, or we did something wrong.

We couldn't think of anything about to change, and they wouldn't place a new foster kid with us at the same time as Bree because each kid needs time to settle in, so the only thing left was being in trouble. We were going to try to deny it, whatever it was, and if that didn't work, we'd have to apologize. We were prepared.

Turns out we weren't in trouble, though. Blakeney had some news to spring on us. Remember how Bree said in her post (I think she just called it "Bree's First Post" or something) that she had a sister she'd been visiting? Well, Blakeney called to see what was going on. Turns out that Bree's sister is still in foster care. She's waiting to be adopted but no one had applied to adopt her yet. See where this is going...? ;-)

Normally we wouldn't be getting anyone new here so soon, but this is an exception because it's best to keep siblings together if possible. It's possible this time. Blakeney says if we're going to be eight sisters,we may as well be nine.

Bree didn't say much about it when we told her on the phone, but we think she was crying. She definitely said "thank you" a lot.

So yeah, this was a HUGE surprise for us. We're getting TWO new sisters, not one. That's never happened before. Bree is on her way... and two weeks later, we're going to be welcoming Fiona!

Crazy, isn't it? :-D



  1. Wow two new sisters! How exciting. :) I bet you guys are excited. I'm hoping my mom will decide to adopt another girl, but she says there's enough of us running around!

  2. You guys are so lucky! I want a new sister! Trade you Elyssa for one of your sisters! :P

  3. How many siblings do you have, Reagan? Lots? We used to think we were a pretty big family when there were just four of us! Now there are seven - soon to be nine - and we STILL see bigger families than ours on the internet and on blogs. It's been eye opening to say the least.

    Taylor, sometimes we might consider taking you up on that! ;-) But your mom would probably be mad, and Blakeney would hit the roof too.

    (Besides, for reals I'm sure we'd miss our sisters. Even if they annoy us.)

    The Green Girls

  4. I don't think Blakeney would want Elyssa! She's too high maintenance! If you're willing to have a boy too, me and Eli could leave Elyssa behind and come stay with you! I can't leave my brother though. He's one of my best friends.

  5. We've actually talked about how fun it would be to have a brother, as long as he wasn't mean or too annoying.

    Fostering girls has made some things less complicated for our family. (Mainly because we're at an older age and suddenly living with an opposite-sex teen or preteen you didn't grow up with could be emotionally confusing on both sides.) However, it may be that we'll do things different in the future. Someday we might add a brother. Likely he'd be much younger than us if so.

    So yeah... brothers seem like they'd be great. We definitely aren't opposed to them.


    If you want to talk about high maintenance, though, I don't think your sister could beat Kirsten or Molly. Kirsten always thinks she's right and Molly is moody like you wouldn't believe. It's a good thing we love them anyway!


  6. HEY NOW!!! We can read these comments too and that's not fair! You're not exactly no-maintenance yourself, Josefina.

    ~Kirsten and Molly

  7. Whoa, that's big news! Is everyone excited about that, or is anyone feeling a bit anxious about the increase?

  8. That's a great question, Aurora. Thanks for asking.

    I have to say for all of us... both, at the same time. We're excited. Our family means a lot to us, and when it grows bigger, that's a very happy thing.

    I think it would be weird not to have a *little* bit of anxiety, though. It's a major change, and things will be different for us. Different in a good way, probably, but still a change. For awhile stuff will be up in the air, and there are a lot of questions, like what will they be like and how will we all get along?

    So I guess you could say all of us have emotions on both sides of the coin. We're all glad they're coming. None of us wish they weren't. But I think we're all going to be kind of nervous, too, until we get settled into a routine again.

    We mainly talk about the positive parts on the blog. Most family stuff kind of involves a mixture of emotions, though, doesn't it?

    Josefina (on behalf of all of us)

  9. Well, that's a bit of a confusing question! There are technically four of us, all adopted. But Mom rents out a basement apartment to two 18 year old girls Lissa and Rose. I consider them big sisters because they've lived there for quite some time due to some circumstances.

    I'm new to blogging but I'm hoping to give a much better description on my blog soon. :)

  10. That makes perfect sense, Reagan. The people close to us become family too.

    Glad to hear you made it home safely, by the way! We look forward to reading more of your blog.


  11. Thanks! :) It is SO good to be back. I didn't realize how much I would actually miss my sisters! Ha! I knew I'd miss my mom though!

    I asked my mom if we were going to get another sister and she said she hoped not because we're running out of space, but that they seem to find their way to us anyway!

  12. Hahaha, what your mom said sounds like famous last words to us! ;-)

    Blakeney used to try to set a limit on how many of us there could be. (We're past the first limit she set!) Eventually she just gave up and said we'll deal with whatever needs to happen.

    Obviously there has to be an end to the additions sometime. There's only so much money and so much room. I think your mom may be speaking too soon, though...



  13. *nods* Both at the same time, but mostly happy makes sense - that's exactly how I felt when Song came, and I figured that's probably how most everyone felt when I arrived, too.